Road directions. Antalya-Belek.

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Road directions. Antalya Airport-Villa Belek Resort.

Road directions from Antalya Airport to Villa Belek Resort.

Please remember to set the mileage to zero.

If your car is parked you should have approx 3 euro (5.50 Turkish lire) to pay the parking attendant.

The numbers here referes to the distance from the airport.

When leaving the airport follow the sign to Alanya. After 3.3 km. you will reach the motorway and this will be a good time to fill the tank (Rented cars are usually delivered with a near empty tank). The first petrol station will be on the right hand side after 4.5 km.

After 22 km. you reach the Belek turn off on the right by a Shell station. You turn off here and follow the road to Kadriye.

After 26 km. you will be approaching the outskirts of Kadriye, keep on straight after the roundabout and traffic lights

After 28.5 km. you reach a new roundabout when you reach the wood you shall turn left, and you will drive by a hospital/health care center on the left, a police station (Jandarma) on the right and another hospital/health care center on the left.

After 30 km. you reach the last roundabout with traffic lights and after 150m you will see a sign for Villa Belek Resort on the left side.

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Villa Belek Resort from the main road.
Villa Belek sett fra veien


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